Predicting the Future, Estimating, and Running Your Projects with Flow Metrics

Enter the concept of ‘flow’ and ‘flow metrics’. Little’s Law, Work in Progress (WIP), Cycle Time, and Throughput. These things make delivering projects – whether it's with Scrum, Agile or something else – much easier. Described briefly, you have things to work on. Work starts on those things. Work finishes. Measure how long that takes and how many things you got done. Make sure that things are getting done. No estimating required. And when someone wants to know when something will be ready you can give them forecasts based on actual data and probabilities. The goal of this course is to show you how to predict the future – how long will things take and how much can you get done – using statistical forecasting, throughput, and Monte Carlo simulations.
Course Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

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Course Overview

What is this course about?
Duration: 1 minute

Traditional Estimation: How We Got Here

Why estimating stinks. How did we get here. Plus, a roundup of traditional agile estimation techniques.
Duration: 17 minutes


Throughput is the essential metric for forecasting delivery of multiple items. This chapter focuses on using throughput and monte carlo simulations to forecast the future.
Duration: 42 minutes

Cycle Time, Work In Progress, and Feedback

Cycle Time, Work In Progress, and Feedback. How do you use your cycle time data to help your teams deliver faster and more efficiently.
Duration: 17 minutes

Running & Monitoring Your Projects: SLEs, Cycle Time Targets, and Aging Work

Using Cycle Time to Monitor Your Projects & Manage Risk
Duration: 26 minutes